About the Writing Program

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The Place of Writing in a Mercer Education

The ability to articulate ideas and formulate arguments through writing is a cornerstone of academic development and a touchstone of higher education. Effective writing skills are critical to life-long learning and integral to both professional success and meaningful engagement throughout life. Writing instruction therefore occupies a central place in the Mercer undergraduate experience, situated within students' core General Education courses.

Integrative Learning (INT) and Great Books (GBK) writing instruction courses provide substantial, sustained instruction, introducing students to academic writing as a process of discovering ideas, arranging information, and acquiring knowledge. Each four-credit hour course fosters proficiency in critical thinking and argumentation, as well as writing for a variety of genres, audiences, and purposes in both academic and public spheres.

INT Writing Instruction Courses   

INT 101 (4 hours): Understanding Self and Other

INT 201 (4 hours): Building Community

GBK Writing Instruction Courses

GBK 101 (4 hours): Understanding Self and Other -- Among Gods and Heroes

GBK 202 (4 hours): Classical Cultures

GBK 203 (4 hours): The Hebrew and Christian Traditions

Successful completion of the Writing Requirement, as specified in Foundational Studies, is a requirement for graduation.

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