The Writing Preceptor Program

Tutor working with students

What Is a Writing Preceptor?

Writing Preceptors are embedded tutors who work with Mercer faculty to facilitate writing instruction in Integrative Learning and Great Books General Education courses. They participate in the day-to-day running of the class by modeling effective practices and working one-on-one with students on their writing.  Preceptors  occupy a unique place in Mercer’s writing instruction classrooms, helping students understand instructors’ expectations and address their own anxieties as they begin the crucially important  work of becoming effective writers at the university level.

Who Are Mercer’s Writing Preceptors?

Writing Preceptors are Mercer students with excellent writing and communication skills who have a strong  commitment to serving others. They come to the Preceptor Program from a wide range of majors across the College of Liberal Arts, from English and Education to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Sociology, Computer Science, and Economics.  Writing Preceptors have gone on to pursue graduate study and careers in teaching, literary study, scientific research, and medicine.

Why Become a Writing Preceptor?

Writing Preceptors  share their experience as academic writers with others in the Mercer community, while also developing new knowledge and practical skills that serve them well in subsequent academic and professional  pursuits. Preceptors also earn the EXP credit required of all Mercer undergraduates.

The training they receive and the experiential learning  they acquire offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate credentialing.  Such credentials can be instrumental when applying for competitive scholarships or fellowships.

Mercer Preceptors have presented their original research at the National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing and the Naylor Workshop for Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies, as well as Mercer’s annual BEAR Day.

Preceptors Presenting Research

How Can I Become a Writing Preceptor?

Students in the College of Liberal Arts are invited to apply to become a Writing Preceptor each Fall and Spring semester. Links to the online application form are sent via email prior to the beginning of each term. The application forms can also be accessed via the links at the top right of your screen. Successful applicants will be assigned to work as a Writing Preceptor in a writing instruction course in the Integrative Learning or Great Books program in the following semester. Please note that in order to serve in this role, Writing Preceptors must have successfully completed either INT 101 or GBK 101 and must register for the required preceptor training course.

To apply, follow the links below.