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Mercer Modules:

Instructional Resources for the Mercer Writing Core

The Mercer Writing Core identifies 10 essential concepts and skills defining expectations for all General Education writing instruction courses.

The Mercer Modules are designed to facilitate the teaching of the Core in both Integrative Learning and Great Books' courses.

Scroll down to learn more about the Modules and our companion handbook, Writing in the Margin: A Practical Guide for Writing Instructions and Embedded Tutors. The Modules and a prototype of Writing in the Margin can be downloaded for use in your course below.

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Writing is recursive, making it akin to artistic or athletic performance. As in such pursuits, students need consistent practice to develop as effective writers. For this reason, the Core is part of each writing instruction course in the Integrative Learning or Great Books sequence. The Mercer Modules provide instructional resources for instructors and preceptors keyed to each component of the Core. 

Writing Core Master List

Download the Mercer Writing Core.


Writing in the Margin: A Practical Guide for

Writing Instructors and Embedded Tutors

With generous support from Mercer's Office of Quality Enhancement, Writing Director Deneen Senasi and Preceptor Scholars Meghan Duffey and Cassie Outler have created a practical guide for the teaching of the Writing Core.

In addition to the Modules, Writing in the Margin: A Practical Guide for Writing Instructors and Embedded Tutors offers chapters on the major genres of academic writing. There are also sections on managing what preceptors need to know to facilitate writing and how to put that knowledge into practice. Another section explores interactions between writing instructors, preceptors, and students. Writing in the Margin also maps the intersection of writing instruction and integrative learning as high impact practices converging within a single course. 

Download a prototype edition of Writing in the Margin.



Each Module is composed of three components:

1) The Backgrounder describes and contextualizes the Writing Core concept, explaining key terms and strategies.

2) The How-To-Teaching Handout condenses information from the Backgrounder for the instructor's use in the classroom.

3) The Activity is designed to help students apply what they're learning about that concept.



Start Up 1:How to Get Started Talking with Students about Writing


10 Things About Me and Writing Activity

Start Up 2: How to Incorporate a Writing Preceptor into your Course

How-To-Teaching Handout

Start Up 3: How to Provide Effective Feedback on Student Writing



MODULE 1: How to Formulate an Effective Thesis Statement

Module 1 Backgrounder

Module 1 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 1 Activity 1

Module 1 Activity 2

MODULE 2: How to Structure an Argument

Module 2 Backgrounder

Module 2 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 2 Activity

MODULE 3: How to Structure a Paragraph

Module 3 Backgrounder

Module 3 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 3 Activity

MODULE 4: How to Make Effective Transitions

Module 4 Backgrounder

Module 4 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 4 Activity

MODULE 5: How to Write Effective Introductions

Module 5 Backgrounder

Module 5 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 5 Activity

Module 6: How to Write Effective Conclusions

Module 6 Backgrounder

Module 6 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 6 Activity

Module 7: How to Paraphrase, Summarize, and Quote Sources Responsibly

Module 7 Backgrounder

Module 7 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 7 Activity

Module 8: How to Write Clear, Concise Sentences Appropriate to the Context

Module 8 Backgrounder

Module 8 How-To-Teaching Handout

Module 8 Activity

Module 9: How to Develop Awareness of and Facility with Purpose and Audience

Module 9 Backgrounder

Module 9 How-To-Handout

Module 9 Activity

Module 10: How to Pre-Write, Draft, and Revise Effectively

Module 10 Backgrounder

Module 10 How-To-Handout 10.1 (Pre-Writing)

Module 10 How-To-Handout 10.2 (Drafting)

Module 10 How-To-Handout 10.3 (Revising)

Module 10 Activity 10.1 (Pre-Writing)

Module 10 Activity 10.2A (Drafting - The Drafting Board)

Download a Drafting Board for your Students Here

Module 10 Activity 10.2B (Drafting - Talking Points)

Module 10 Activity 10.3 (Revising)



Preceptor Pool Table

Online Resources for Faculty and Preceptors

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Conference on College Composition and Communication Principles for the Postsecondary Teaching of Writing

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