Writing Support Services

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The Mercer Writing Program offers supplemental instruction and practice sessions for all students registered in Integrative Learning (INT) and Great Books (GBK) writing instruction courses. These Skill Sets and GPS (Genre Practice) sessions are held in conjunction with the WRT 490 Writing Preceptor training course providing an experential learning environment for all participants.

Each session features a brief introduction to the topic led by Writing Program Director, Dr. Deneen Senasi, followed by an activity in which participants work with writing preceptors to practice the writing concepts and strategies covered in the session. Students also receive "How-to-Handouts" to help them apply what they've learned in their writing for their own class.

Skill Sets sessions cover a series of topics designed to support students’ development as academic writers from pre-writing and developing an effective thesis to writing for specific audiences and revistion strategies.

GPS sessions introduce students to strategies and conventions associated with a range of academic genres including: the Argumentative/Persuasive essay, the Great Books paper, the Literature Review, Literary or Historical analysis, and the Research paper.

Writing Program Support Services are free and open to all Mercer students and instructors. Instructors may access Support Services materials for use in writing instruction courses under Faculty and Staff Resources on the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Page.

Please see the calendar below for details on this semester's Support Services offerings.

Preceptor image Skill Sets

Spring 2018 Skill Sets Sessions

All Skill Sets will meet in Willingham Hall, Room 202 from 12:00 – 12:50 p.m.

1/22: Session I -- Critical Thinking Strategies: Annotation, Pre-Writing, & Arranging Ideas

1/29: Session II – Summarizing, Quoting, and Grammar Gaming Review

2/5: Session III – Developing an Effective Working Thesis

3/12: Session IV: Identifying Significance, Connecting the Parts of an Essay, and Writing for Specific Audiences

3/26: Session VI: Revision Strategies and Reflective Writing


Spring 2018 GPS Sessions

All GPS Sessions will meet in Willingham Hall, Room 202 from 12:00 – 12:50 p.m.

2/12: GPS I & II – Writing an Effective Argumentative/Persuasive Paper or Great Books Essay

4/2: GPS III & IV -- Writing an Effective Literature Review & Research Paper I (Planning and Pre-Writing)

4/9: GPS V – Writing an Effective Research Paper II (Integrating Original Argument  & Sources)